TUESDAY 08-03-3302


ENTRY: 0002

Bart Oldborne’s in my future, but right now I’ve got to pay off his debt. He owes five million to a syndicate on Duamta 4 who go by the Conroy 4s. Bunch’a weirdos. I could bugger off like Bart did; aye, I’ve thought about it. The galaxy’s bigger than you realise. A change of ship, new name–maybe a skin graft–they’d never find me. But I’m not Bart. The Conroys send me pictures of Claire and her kids, even Jack in his run down one-bed crap-stain of an apartment with a needle sticking out his arm. Claire’s the one that matters. Bart might not’ve given half a soggy damn about his grandkids, but I ain’t letting some dirt gang hurt my nephews, nosir.

I’m almost two mil up and if Duamta 4’s education system hasn’t let me down, then I should still owe three mil. Duamta’s Gold Creative Corp doesn’t pay enough for these bounties and if I lose the Sandpiper it’s 50k just to rebuild her; assuming I don’t die in the process. I need bigger scores, bigger targets, but the Sandpiper’s not up for it. She’s a good ship, don’t go misquoting me, but one-on-one against an Anaconda? Or a Cobra? I might as well just throw that 50k out an airlock.

I’ll crawl my way to 5mil, and in the meanwhile the Federation’s learning to trust me. Every kill adds another gold star next to me name and eventually they’ll let me see earth. Bart might’ve been a grade A bastard with all the trimmings of an absolute spanner, but he was right about one thing: everyone should see earth before they die. I don’t even wanna land. Just park me up next to the moon and let me see it.

So that’s what I’m gonna do. Pay off Bart’s debt. See earth. Kill Bart. In that order.


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