SATURDAY 12-03-3302


ENTRY: 0003

Well I messed that up.

Looks like it’s another night of engine-heated beans. Took a job from old reliable, the Duamta Gold Creative, only I went and pissed the whole thing up. Lucky I came out with me head still attached. Sandpiper’s a bit battered but it ain’t nothing Polyakov’s grease-monkeys can’t handle. It’s me pride that won’t bounce back.

Jobs go south, normally it’s crap you can’t control, but this one were me own damn fault. I got stupid and then some. DGC wanted me to smoke this Stu bloke; I dunno what he did, don’t care to know neither. All the job asked for was someone who could kill good. I reckoned that someone were me. I reckoned wrong.

Stu’s out in Luyten’s Star, it ain’t far from Duamta, Sandpiper can make it in a single jump so no big deal. I scanned the drifters hanging around the system’s dominant star–no luck. So I start sifting through signal sources. Took a few jumps and a crashed funeral but I found Stu eventually. The little bastard’s sitting pretty in his Imperial Clipper (no doubt stolen) with two arse-sniffing Sidewinders in wing. Knob-head.

This Stu, he ain’t wanted in Luyten’s Star, so I know full well what attacking him means. It means I’m a hunter with a bounty on me head, but hey, I just won’t go back to Luyten’s, no skin off my knuckles. That’s about the only thing I thought through before starting on ol’ Stu. It’s pretty clear what I should’a done now. I’ve watched the cam footage, I’ve seen where I went wrong. Should’a taken out his little bloody groupies before I even looked at him. They were only damn Sidewinders!

It didn’t last long, maybe ten, fifteen minutes. Me and Stu were pretty even matched and I would’a had him if it weren’t for his God damned minions.

So I cut tail. It were either that or lose Sandpiper, 50k, and probably me life. Sandpiper were taking hits and Stu’s hull was matching mine. I’m gonna reiterate it: I’d have had him one on one. You can bet your sister I would’ve. But it weren’t one on one, and Stu had me beat. Next time I’ll do better. How would Stu measure up against Bart? Piss poorly if I’m remembering my old man right. Bart won’t have Sidewinders in wing. He’ll have Vipers or Thargoids knowing my luck.

Despite today’s monumental cock-up, I’m still making progress. Broke three mil, so we’re getting there. I’m allied with the Federation now, too. Five mil, then earth. That’s the plan. But no score means another night’s rest in the Sandpiper. It’s not all that bad. It’ll be better when I get around to installing the recliner.


The auto-docks doing that thing again where it thinks we’re waiting in a queue. I had to take it in manually. I ain’t complaining, but when you pay for the tech you expect it to work. I’ll speak to the grease-monkeys about it. They’re good chaps when you strip away the first three layers of oil.


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