TUESDAY 29-03-3302


ENTRY: 0004

They ruined her! Couldn’t be helped–bullcrap!

That fight with Stu did more damage than I thought, and those grease-monkeys took too many liberties repairing the Sandpiper. I’m gonna slap the next one of ‘em that tells me she’s upgraded! She were a MKIII and now she’s a MKIV. Aye, she’s bigger and stronger, a better hitter, too, but she ain’t as fast…and I ain’t getting nearly as much turn as I use to. If I die ‘cause some Eagle out flew me then I’m coming back to haunt the grease out of every mechanic who touched the Sandpiper. Bunch of raging donkeys.

What’s worse, the cheeky bastards helped themselves to two million credits…I didn’t bother fighting ‘em over it. What’s the point? They’d already gutted Sandpiper, said I should’ve had her MOT’d years ago. The Frame Shift Drive was leaking, the Life Support was rusted, and they found a nest’a rats behind the aft bulkheads. God knows how many wires that lot tore through…Looking at it, she needed an upgrade…but bugger me, that’s half my score! I was breaking four mil and I’m back down to two…

I didn’t wanna have to do it, but I’ve left Duamta. It’s saturated here. Too many hunters, not enough bounties. Not enough big ones, anyway. I’ve moved into RR Caeli. It’s further than I wanted, but I heard from another hunter at the waterhole that resource extraction sites are the best places to hunt. See, Pirates like to sneak up on miners and pinch their cargos whilst they’re mining. The way I see, if I’m patrolling a belt cluster then I’m making a living for me and protecting those miners. Honest folk, just making a buck. Some pirate bastard shouldn’t be making off with a family man’s haul. That ain’t right, nosir.

The way over to RR Caeli wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Nope. It was spacewalks and overheating. Polyakov’s boys did a real botch job on this upgrade. Probably knew I couldn’t afford to pay ‘em much. I was about to make my fourth jump to the next disappointing system when my canopy began to crack. I dunno if I hit something or if those bastards gave me some cheap glass, but atmosphere began venting faster than my bowels after curry night. A two-hour spacewalk, some extra strength adhesive, a freshly welded sheet and a boatload of duct tape saw the thing fixed enough for another jump. The crew at Hooke City fixed it proper and found a loose bolt in one of the engines whilst they were at it. Now, I ain’t saying the Conroy’s were behind it, but it’s hard not to assume sabotage.

Perhaps time away from Duamta’s a good idea for now…Claire and her boys mean I can’t be away long, though.

Now that Sandpiper’s fixed, I’ve set up shop at Hooke City and Rennie City. Hooke’s closer to the system’s resource extraction site, but doesn’t stock ammo, so sometimes I’ve gotta trek out to Rennie. It’s a ballache, but I’m pulling in more credits than I was in Duamta. I doubt I’ll be out here too long…


Helmet cams been acting up recently, so the video feed’s a bit screwy. Keep losing transmission. The probe’s fine though. I’ll get it sorted soon.


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