SUNDAY 10-04-3302


ENTRY: 0006

I broke five mil. I did what Bart never could: I made good on my word. The Conroy 4s are gonna get their bloody money and I’m gonna stop waking up at exactly 5:54am sweating like a hippo with five knots in my stomach.

Claire and her boys are gonna be safe now. Jack too, I suppose. And me…I’m a free man. Free to scratch whatever itch I might fancy. And I’m itching for an Anaconda. Imagine Bart’s face when I jump in on his lunch, wrapped in an Anaconda. I’m looking forward to that…I’m looking forward to that a great deal, yessir.

This is a quick one today, I ain’t been up to much since Brateen almost wasted me. Sandpiper was repaired quickly this time–apparently it’s easy when she’s a new ship–so I was back out shootin’ bad guys before the end’a the next day. Now it’s 6am, sunday, and I’m about to begin checks for the trip back to Duamta. I’ve only been gone three weeks but it feels like longer. Can’t believe I miss that place, but here we are…

The video feed’ll record my journey and attached to the log when I’m done. Or if I crash. Or explode. Ya know, that fun sort’a crap.

Another log to follow once I’ve met with the Controys.



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