September Update

It’s been a little while since I made a blog post. I don’t really have an excuse for that. Besides my writing, I don’t normally feel like I have too much to say.

So here’s an update!

At the moment I’m still pitching Sand & Rust and I’ve had a bit of interested from an agent so waiting to see where that goes.

Late last month I finished my 6th novel, The Last Universe, which I’m letting sit for a while before I head back into.

I’m editing my fourth novel, The Enduring, which I hope to start sending out to agents when it’s better polished.

I’ve also started work on my seventh novel, The Seventh Factory (the sevens are coincidental). Very excited about this project, it’s going to be my first stab at epic fantasy and a lot of different POVs, but with a good blend of sci-fi in there, too. I’m on chapter 13 of 32 planned chapters but hit a wall today hence the blog update.

I’ve also frozen the Elite Dangerous character blog for the time being. This is mostly because the idea of it was to have something to work on in-between projects and at the moment I’ve got plenty going on. From the Deskhood Webcomics to editing past novels and writing the next one, my days are quite full right now.

Lastly, I left my job a little over a month ago because I realised TV wasn’t my calling and I was becoming a jaded, cynical person. Ideally, I’ll be able to support myself with writing at some point but for now I’m seeing where things go.

So that’s the update. I thought writing this might help me past the wall I’d hit but doesn’t seem to have done. Sweet Christmas.



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